Having a baby is a great gift for humanity. Cuddling a brought into this world is a divine experience for couples wanting to start a family together. However for many couples career and other social responsibility take priority in their early reproductive age. Stress and strain of daily life also takes a toll on health especially reproductive health.

Changing lifestyles, environmental factors and personal choices are some of the causes of infertility in both men and women. Many fertility clinics offer childless couples chances to revive and propagate their family by having a baby. Best among these fertility centers is Dr. Sher fertility institutes.

Dr. Sher is a renowned name among fertility specialists in NYC

Many childless couples fret about where to have a baby. They want to avail services of the best infertility doctors. Initiate of reproductive medicines under the SIRM (Sher Institute of Reproductive Medicine) offers the best IVF and other fertility treatments. Advanced fertility protocols coupled with modern slate of art technology at Dr. Sher fertility will definitely give you a better chance at having a baby.

Dr. Sher is an expert at IVF treatment including invitro maturation of fertilized ovum. SIRM (Sher Institute of Reproductive Medicine) also offers fraternity clinics to rule out and help male fertility issues besides helping in IVF procedures through modern techniques of reproduction. There are many free fertility clinics in NYC and if you are ready to pay IVF cost can really flip your budget. At SIRM IVF the motto is quality, cost effectiveness and comfort driven by track record of successful IVF treatments.



Ovulation calculator or Fertility Calendar tells you when are you most fertile and which are the best fertility dates that can be worked out to improve your chances of having a baby.


Fertile window i.e., days predicted by fertility calculator also known as ovulation predictor are the best time to ovulate and get pregnant. This fertility window changes from women to women and approximate fertile days of the menstrual cycle are predicted by ovulation calendar.

How long so you Ovulate?


Assume you are having 28 to 32 days of menstrual cycle, so now for you, ovulation could start at day 11 and should last till day 21. This is an average assumption of ovulation period; it may differ in some cases as every woman’s menstrual cycle is different.


One should keep track of their fertility cycles and should also take fertility production test. Consult your expert on a regular basis to be updated about the best methods which suits you.