How much does IVF cost?

How much does IVF cost? – A straightforward question with multiple confusing answers. Factors involved in determining the actual cost of IVF are the main reason behind this confusion. In Vitro Fertilization process compromises of various additional procedures. Due to these additional procedure cost we always get confusing answers even from top IVF clinics.

IVF cost

IVF Cost

Here you will get complete IVF procedure details with their actual costs, which will help to determine actual cost through IVF cost calculator. It costs @12,000 for a complete In Vitro Fertilization cycle in United States plus an average medication cost of about $5000.

You must be wondering about the differences in the cost of In Vitro Fertilization treatments. Below stats can be used to calculate the average cost of IVF procedure.

Before calculating the average cost of In Vitro Fertilization, you must keep in mind that Medications are not included in most of the top IVF clinic pricing plans. Then, cost for Medications for IVF treatment is?

Medication cost for IVF

Medication cost totally depends upon how much medication is required to generate the desired response to the drug and drug price. Some patients needs less dosage others required more, as it totally depends on the duration of ovarian stimulation.

Medication can cost as low as $3000 to an average of $5000. In some cases the cost can be more than $7000. Some best insurance companies cover IVF medications, but they do not accept package price. You can only know the amount to be paid once the medication procedure is completed.

In Vitro Fertilization Cost

Single Cycle In Vitro Fertilization Cost

$10,000 without monitoring

$12,000 with monitoring

Some fertility services like Anesthesia for egg retrieval, Egg retrieval procedure, Embryo transfer procedure; ovarian stimulation monitoring, Fertilization and culture of the eggs with all physicians, IVF lab and facility associated with In Vitro fertilization are included in the cost of single cycle.

Mostly health insurance cover IVF stimulation monitoring. So, don’t forget to ask your insurance provider.

Multiple Cycles IVF Cost

Starting at $20,000

* Some top fertility clinics also provide Multiple Cycle IVF Plan with Refunds. Make sure you know all your possibilities.

If you opted for Single Cycle In Vitro Fertilization process then you may need these additional procedures which add up to your IVF cost amount. Consult your fertility doctors to get the best advice in your case.

Average costs for additional fertility procedures:

ICSI, injection of sperm directly in the eggs                            $2500

Embryo freezing and storage- (With 1 year of storage)         $1200

Frozen embryo transfer cycle                                                    $4,500

Sperm freezing                                                                           $200

PGD costs                                                                                    $3000

Based on top IVF clinics price these are only the average In Vitro Fertilization procedure costs for 2017 . Before opting for In Vitro Fertilization treatment do consult IVF specialists and ask them about their Fertility packages.

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